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Project Management and Consultancy

Hooper and Co are our sister company, helping clients navigate the complex trade issues of customs compliance and international trade.

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Freight Consultancy is the process of overseeing and managing a cost-efficient operation and delivery of goods. Freight management combines logistics experience, human resources and knowledge to ensure a smooth coordination between carriers and shippers.

We can help with:

  • Identifying your exposure to import and export risks
  • Identify potential customs accreditations, authorisations and special procedures that could benefit your business including your bottom line and cash flow
  • Reducing the opportunity for Customs penalties
  • Implement your own policies and procedures to ensure checks and balances are in place
  • Training and education in all areas of customs and international trade to ensure you are aware of the changes taking place
  • Effective packing and availability of materials
  • Adapting to change, This is very important because of new markets, new products and new sourcing.
  • Retaining procurement flexibility but also leveraging global spend.
  • In-house capability versus out-source. Solutions to improve performance and also reduce costs.
  • Proactive liaison with suppliers, partners and customers
  • 24/7 project support
  • Project manager attendance to oversee key operations and ensure successful delivery
  • Site, route and port surveys
  • Customs brokerage
  • Documentation issuance
  • Letter of credit review and presentation
  • Establishing contact with, selecting, and engaging carriers and transportation companies
  • Negotiating terms and conditions, rates, and expectations associated with the transportation of goods
  • Preparing the appropriate labelling and paperwork to accompany all goods in transit
  • Tracking the movement of these goods throughout the Supply Chain
  • Managing and overseeing the receipt and payment of invoices associated with the transportation of goods
  • Looking for opportunities to optimize the movement of goods to improve delivery performance, reduce transit time, reduce cost, and lower environmental impacts

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