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Forwarding Company

A safe and secure Forwarding Company with great capacity and dynamism.

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We offer a flexible service:

We have the shipping capacity to help you meet the complex demands of your industry, plus the ability to adapt to the changing pressures that you may be facing. As a result, will be able to support you as you build and refine your supply chain. Whether you are involved in heavy industry, construction, or you operate a retail business that has rigorous demands on its supply chain, you will need a reliable and dynamic service.

Safe, Secure and Flexible
With large consignments representing a considerable value to your business, you can be assured that we will do everything possible to ensure the safety and security of your goods while they are in transit. Your forwarding agent has to be responsive to your needs. That is why Independent Freight is well-placed to help you deal with moving consignments when you need them. With a range of options available, we are able to assist you in meeting all of your logistic challenges.

Documentation Support
With all major shipping consignments, there will always be a lot of paperwork. There are obviously a great many regulations that surround shipping all varieties of cargo. Our professional team will be on hand to ensure that you have all of the correct documentation in place to support the goods so that your cargo will be able to move through customs without any headaches.

Why Use A Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier?
By using a non-vessel operating common carrier you will be able to meet the fluid demands of your specific supply chain. We offer your business with the flexibility to move your shipments to where you need them, whatever the size, wherever the destination.

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