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European Air Cargo 

European Air Cargo Freight provides your business with a tailor-made logistics solution that will allow you the ability to ship quickly.

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Why Use Us For European Air Cargo?

We are able to help your business by providing European air cargo services regardless of the sector that you work in. We have transported consignments for a wide range of industries and sectors including construction, automotive, oil and gas, retail, food manufacture, and many more.

Air Cargo Freight For A Range Of Industries
Our services can be used to transport your cargo to anywhere in the world, including many remote destinations. Independent Freight also has a wide network of agents based at major airports all over the world. We are able to offer cross-trade services between different countries and continents. This will allow you access to hostile territories, areas of natural disaster, or airports with limited infrastructures.

For Your Heavy or Oversized Needs
With air charter options available for the transportation of your heavy or oversize logistics needs, air cargo freight is a great option. For any outsized out items that can’t be loaded onto scheduled flights, we are able to provide air charter services. This is ideal for transporting items such as heavy industrial equipment, stage sets, and vehicles. Our oversize air charter services includes lifting and moving equipment to ensure your items are loaded and unloaded safely.

For Hazardous Items
There are many hazardous items that require careful and specialised handling. Our agents understand the specific regulations surrounding the handling of many sensitive cargos. We are able to carry dangerous goods including military items, flammable materials, explosives, gases, volatile substances, radioactive materials, toxic substances, magnetized materials, corrosives, and infectious substances.

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