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Brexit update

Brexit Update

by | Jan 7, 2020 | General News |

A brief summary of 2019 – focusing on the Brexit process now that the General Election has taken place.

  • The Conservatives Government won the General Election with a large Majority on the 12th of December.
  • This will most probably mean the Withdrawal Bill is passed before the end of the Month.
  • We should then leave the EU on the 31st Jan 2020.

  • Although we leave the EU there will then be a 12 months transition period where nothing will change as such.
  • This will mean that business have 12 months to prepare for Brexit.
  • There is an option to extend the Transition period by a further 1-2 years – if by June 2020 negotiations for a future Deal before the end of Dec 2020 are looking unlikely.
  • However, as we now go to press the PM has announced that there will be a new Bill which rules out an extension to the Transition period.

Following on from this, the likely outcome is a pretty basic trade deal with the EU which will be implemented at the end of Jan 2021.

However, we now appear to have a timeline and a framework for what trade will look like with the EU, over the next 12 months we will continue to send out blogs updating our customers and providing them with more information on how to ship goods to other international markets, such as the USA and Canada, the Far East, Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia…

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