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10 reasons to choose road freight

by | Jan 14, 2020 | General News |

Transporting goods is the most integral part of a business, so it’s vital you make the right choice in how your goods are transported. Most freight shipping companies provide road freight, as well as air freight services and sea freight services. Below, we have outlined ten reasons why you should choose road freight.

1. Just one carrier

Road freight is an all-purpose option for transportation. Asian and European destinations can be reached via road freight shipping. This means that you wouldn’t need to use multiple carriers for the same item(s).

2. Flexibility and convenience

Road freight provides flexibility in delivery and collection times, offering a convenient alternative to customers.

3. Speed

Unrestricted by flight times and railway times, road freight can deliver throughout the day at a time convenient for the customer, so they get their delivery quicker.

4. Door to door

Door to door delivery is a key advantage of road freight. There is no need for collection or other delivery arrangements to be made.

5. Damage control

Road freight can be used for transporting delicate or fragile goods safely and in a timely manner.

6. Delivering to rural areas

Some areas are hard to reach. Most hard to reach areas can be reached via road, making road freight the best alternative.

7. Short distance delivery

Road freight is the best method for short-distance deliveries. Goods can be loaded and delivered straight to the customer.

8. Freight forwarding

If goods need to be transported by sea, air or rail, then road freight can act as a feeder to these other methods of transport.

9. Packing costs

Packing costs are significantly reduced by road freight. Packing is not as complicated and can be done quicker and more efficiently, saving time and money.

10. Unrestricted goods

Dependent on the vehicle being used for road freight, goods of any size or dimension can be transported.

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